We got a bit behind on our website updating and maintenance, but we’re catching our breath, and catching up now. Our very successful run of 33 Variations by Moises Kaufman in November enjoyed good reviews, and was well received by audiences. We heard the following from patrons in the lobby after seeing the show:

“That was truly beautiful. And funny! I don’t think there is another play I’ve liked this much in a long time.”

“This cast has great chemistry. I was completely absorbed in the story.”

“The set and the projected effects were really cool.”

“The mother/daughter relationship was genuine, sincere, and completely believable. If you told me they were mother and daughter in real life, I wouldn’t be surprised.”

“I had the privilege last night to see dress of “33 Variations”. GO! Even if you hate classical music this is a fabulous piece of Utah theater you will NOT want to miss. Jesse Peery and Anne Puzey should be justly proud. Anne Cullimore Decker is true and subtle and strong and wonderful. Michele Case Rideout is touching and funny. And the ‘supporting’ performances of Kit Anderton, Aaron Buckner, Allen Smith and Betsy West would be starring roles in any other production. They deserve to sell out, and I am thrilled to be seeing it again Saturday.” — Beth Bruner

“Thanks & congratulations for 33 Variations! Wit, courage, & muscle.” — Andra Zoe Harbold

“Beautiful and moving. It was like watching our story unfold again. The lead actress really nailed what it’s like to be a person with ALS.” — Robert Rees

“Enjoyed it thoroughly…so many thoughts provoked by the play.” — Andrea Du Clos

“Amazing! So glad I got to see it.” — Robin Wilkes-Dunn