We asked the very busy, Kate Rufener, director of COMPANY a Musical Comedy, a few questions about her experience directing.

Kate, tell us about the story of COMPANY and how it’s being told through your vision?

The story of COMPANY is really the story of anyone who’s ever been single, felt like the third wheel, or worried they aren’t ‘doing enough’ to get into a relationship. The character Bobby, who is single, represents anyone who has ever felt that way. He struggles to understand his place in his group of friends and in his own life.

What is the key thing for you in telling the story?

We, as a cast, are drawing out several elements and highlighting some sticky relationship issues – things like competition between spouses, fear of really committing, and facing failure in relationships. We have some subtle staging elements we’re playing up to ensure the story is told in the most humorous and engaging way possible.

Anything special you want the world to know about this show/cast/story?

Sondheim (music) and Furth (book) make it easy to play many levels. The key thing about this piece is that if you’re a fan of Sondheim, you’ll love the depth of this particular show. And if you’re not a fan, and maybe you’ve never heard of Sondheim, this is still a funny, wonderful, and thought-provoking piece that’ll entertain you.

What’s your favorite thing about this project?

Wow, only one favorite? I could rave about the talent of the cast for hours, surely they’re the favorite. Or I could go on and on about our Music Director (Anne Puzey), who makes it look easy to teach Sondheim music. Surely, it’s her? Or maybe it’s the incredibly-performed moment at the end of the show with the song, ‘Being Alive’, which has long been one of my favorites. I can’t pick one – come see the show and pick one for me?

COMPANY a Musical Comedy with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and book by George Furth is licensed through Music Theatre International, and will be performed at the new Sugar Space Arts Warehouse in Downtown Salt Lake City Utah.