Houston is the second largest metropolitan area in Texas, stretching from Galveston Bay to Beitaou Bay. It is closely associated with the Space Center Houston, an international space museum. The city has a very rich history, as it has been a main port for shipping, and trade throughout the years. The downtown area, known as the Theater District, has been a major entertainment center for the region and offers everything from theaters and concert halls to boutique restaurants and family-friendly outdoor playgrounds.

Suicide Silence Houston

Suicide Silence Houston is a non profit, nonprofit organization that educates and connects people who have recently lost a loved one to suicide in the Houston area. They have over 35 years experience providing crisis services to families and individuals in the Houston Metro Area. The organization offers an “Emotional Healing Program” and a bereaved family counseling service. This organization provides resources for families, professionals and volunteers. The program and counseling are provided in a loving and supportive environment.


Front 242 Houston

The Front 242 is an online dating software program that has caught the eye of a lot of people in the internet. What makes it unique, what sets it apart from the crowd and what makes it successful? Get Front 242 Houston concert tickets. The answer to those questions really depends on you as the buyer – what you expect from the product, what it offers in terms of features and what price point you are comfortable with. The internet has truly become a magical place to purchase things and if you want to make a purchase like this one then you should definitely take your time. Read on to learn more about the product and how to find a good online store where you can purchase the Front 242 from.

Slightly Stoopid

Slightly Stoopid is an American musical group who described their music as “a blending of urban/rock, folk, blues and reggae with hip-hop, metal, and funk.” They have released five albums so far, and I can’t wait to see what they do next. Unlike many other artists, they don’t seem to have a “face” that you can recognize immediately. There’s none of the familiar faces that scream ‘bands play’ like Slightly Stoopid. Houston Slightly Stoopid concert is coming soon. This alone is interesting enough for me to want to check out their next album, but they’ve also gained some popularity recently thanks to their video for their song, “Don’t Play This Song.” The video features several members from other bands, but despite the presence of many different elements, there doesn’t seem to be much identifiable Slightly Stoopid in it.

The Jayhawks Houston

One of my favorite bands of all time, The Jayhawks have taken their influence from many other artists including Elvis, Bob Dylan, and Queen. But it is their greatest hits album that will always remain their greatest masterpiece, and I would rank them at the top of my list of great rock anthems. Everyone knows the words to this song, but if you haven’t heard it then break out your favorite CD, sit down, and play it. The Jayhawks take their title from a legendary town in Texas, which is called Houston, and it is where the band was born. The song is about two friends who move to the city, they meet some interesting people and begin to fall in love with the new Houston, and soon become a part of it’s history.



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