Want to watch your favorite Trevor A New Musical play live? Bestselling musical comedy-opera by Trevor Aynolds, this musical is highly anticipated for its first national tour to begin this coming spring. This comedy-thriller is headed by seasoned Hollywood star Trevor Ayns, who is also the voice of the lead character, ymes. This multi-dimensional character will add much-needed spice to an already fabulous play.

In the play, titled as The Anniversary Party, the playwright, James Lecesne plays the title role of Trevor Ayns, an aging, but vibrant, theater veteran who returns to Broadway after a 20-year absence. Willy Loman plays the role of Alex, the original singer of the band “The Doobie Brothers” who leaves New York to pursue his dream of traveling to Cuba. Finally, Trevor Ayns recites his hit song, “The Anniversary Party”, before taking the stage as a soloist. This hilarious, one-of-a-kind play is directed by Lee Todd and features a plethora of guest stars such as Yusef Islam, Aida Turturro, Dan Butler, John Bon Jovi, and many more. It’s a true smash!

If you’re looking for a great show with some strong acting, music, and a wonderful plot line, then The Anniversary Party is exactly what you’re looking for. The play is widely acclaimed in Broadway and is considered a much-awaited return to the great theater scene in New York. For those looking for a real comedy-thriller, then look no further than the great play by award-winning playwright, James Lecesne, with the talented cast of Yusef Islam, Aida Turturro, and Dan Butler.